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           My name is John Owen and my passion lies in game design. I consider myself a generalist,
and I tend to approach any design challenge as such. Being able to approach a challenge from different angles allows me to find out-of-the-box solutions quickly. I believe game design is an art as well as a science.
            I found my love for electronics and design early in life. When I ran out of floppy disk games for my old Tandy 1000 computer at age 10, I found BASIC and began making my own. When the old computer could no longer hold up to modern systems, I learned to build my own. I am a book worm.
I learned simple programming from books, and when the internet became wide-spread I moved on to endless web-crawling to learn new languages and disciplines.
            I actively seek knowledge to better myself and strengthen my skills. When I reach an obstacle in design or life, I identify the necessary skills and learn as much as I can about them. No challenge is too large with enough time and effort. Scripting, level design, mechanics and systems creation are just some of the tools at my disposal. Crafting engaging and immersive experiences that speak to a player and keep them coming back for more is my goal.



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