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John Owen
Level Designer / World Builder

408 Westview Terr.
Arlington, TX 76013
Cell: 817-266-7356


An expeditious and versatile designer who draws from years of Information Technology experience and academic training to create exciting and aesthetically unique game environments. A detail-oriented individual proven to be able to lead, contribute, and problem solve under pressure of strict deadlines.


Full Sail University                                                                          University of Texas at Arlington                                                 Tarrant County College
2012-2014                                                                                        2004-2008                                                                                        2007-2011
Bachelor of Science in Game Design – Salutatorian
Advanced Achievement Award & Course Director’s Award

Key Skills

Software                                                                     Development                                                    Languages

UDK/Unreal Engine 4                                               World Building                                                  C, C++, C#
CryEngine                                                                    Level Layout/Flow                                            JavaScript
Unity 4                                                                          Terrain Creation/Painting                                VBASIC
Perlenspiel                                                                 Composition                                                      UnrealScript
Photoshop                                                                  Lighting
Maya                                                                             Kismet/Blueprint
Perforce                                                                      Scripting
Tortoise/Subversion SVN                                         Testing/Bug Documentation


The Clinic – Level Designer / Assistant Lead                                                                                                 11/13 – 12/13

  • Designed and created the alley including Kismet logic puzzle with sounds, particle effects, and matinee.
  • Facilitated level streaming, maintained the team’s asset package, built level executable in Frontend.

Loading Please Wait – Game Designer                                                                                                          10/13 – 11/13

  • Designed/programmed game with clickable UI and multiple screen layouts in a week using Perlenspiel.

The Depths of Space – Final Project – Team Lead                                                                                       7/14 – 10/14

  • Organized team meetings, deadline, task lists, and task assignments.
  • Designed level layouts, UI layout, 3D models, Sound effects, Particle effects, and terrain.
  • Scripted Save/Load system, ship modules, game loop, various UI pieces, Enemy/Player ships, and AI.


Lake Worth Independent School District – IT Network Technician                       2009-2014
Lake Worth, TX

  • —  Manage technical network, hardware, and software for administration campus
  • —  Manage and maintain network firewall and security for the district
  • —  Designed, planned, implemented, and support iDevice roll out
  • —  Implemented and maintained VMWare ESX Servers and NetApp Storage Infrastructure

Design Systems Group – IT Professional                                                                    2008-2009
Grand Prairie, TX

  • —Managed and performed maintenance on business network, software, and hardware
  • —Performed technical inspections and installations of EST fire alarm systems
  • SMU full campus, BNSF Railroad, Republic Towers, One Arts Plaza, and Epsilon

A-Action Pawn Shop – Manager                                                                                    2004-2008
Irving, TX

  • —Designed and implemented online auction sales channel
  • —Maintain and Upgraded pawn shop computer systems
  • Performed business operations, brokered customer loans, and supervised retail sales


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