The Clinic

Platform:  UDK (Kismet)
Development Time:  3 Weeks
Date:  November 2013
Additional Credits:  Christopher Hill, Andrew Montgomery, Peter Muir, Robert Ryan

This level was designed and built for Level Design 2 at Full Sail University.  This level tells the story of an operative searching an abandoned back-alley clinic for an antidote required by his employer.   I was the team’s Assistant Lead, and I built the alley way and connecting ducts and rooms.  I also maintained our asset packages and orchestrated the level streaming to bring the project together into a cohesive level.  The full level includes around ten minutes of play time, with each section requiring at least two minutes each.  My area was the alleyway that the player began the level in.  I included an intro cinematic using Matinee.  I designed a valve puzzle that required the player to disable flame jets blocking the second section of the alley way.  The second leg of the alley included a scripted turret that fired at the player causing them to have to utilize destruct-able cover points until they could disable the turret.

This level was developed over the course of three weeks and received top grades and high praise from our professor.  We pushed the limits of our knowledge of Kismet, Matinee, and particles, and we were forced to get very creative with the limited asset we were provided.  Lighting was a large focus of our level.  The level has progressively darker and darker lighting which forces the player to rely on the scripted flashlight in some areas.



Level Design Document:


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