Platform:  Perlenspiel (JavaScript)
Development Time:  1 Week
Date:  September 2013

Hangman was created for the Foundations of Programming course at Full Sail University. We were given the choice of making a Frogger style game or making Hangman (the tougher of the two choices). Hangman required that we learn to parse through an array and the strings it contained looking for each letter in the mystery word. We were also required to accept either clicks or keystrokes for the letter guesses. I was able to program both as options for my Hangman game.

My Hangman starts with a western theme and randomly rotates between that and a medieval theme. I created a system that allowed me to reuse functions to draw each theme accordingly. The game contains over 100 guessable words, and the difficulty ranges from simple to brutal. Each theme has its own individual set of words appropriate to its theme.

Hangman is full playable in Chrome or Firefox HERE!

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