Key World

Platform:  Perlenspiel (JavaScript)
Development Time:  1 Week
Date:  September 2013

Key World is a level that was designed for the Foundations of Programming course at Full Sail University. This assignment tasked us with creating a game level that used keys as a resource for moving through a level. We were to create an avatar that could be moved with the arrow keys. Create a world for the player to move around in. We also had to choose three given mechanics to implement. I chose bombs, key/door, and collectible coins for the level.

The player moves through the level collecting coins and keys to open locked doors. The coins are spent to switch levers throughout the level that open new areas to the player. Some of the coins are trapped with ticking time bombs. These bombs tick 3 times and then explode killing anything within the blast radius. The levers require a certain amount of coins to operate and when successfully switched the raise bridges allowing the player to continue in the level.

Key World is fully playable in Chrome or Firefox HERE!

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