Platform:  Board Game
Development Time:  3 Weeks
Date:  July 2013
Additional Credits:  Brooks Douan, Bryan Johnson, Christopher Hill, Garrett Webb

Insomnium is a board game that was designed and prototyped for the Design Project course at Full Sail University. This was the first course in which we were put into a team and tasked with creating a full game. This game represents well over 200 hours of work by the team, and overall the game was a resounding success. I was the editor and writer for the team. I wrote many of the card descriptions, the character bios, much of the flavor text, and edited and compiled all of the team’s documents. In addition I helped plan the locations and balance the enemy strengths and player special moves.

Insomnium places the players inside of a nightmare with only a few rounds to survive and escape. The players must fortify locations and work together to survive the night and fight back the creatures of the dark. This game was play-tested by at least 5 groups of players including another team from the course. And suggestions were worked into the final prototype as time allowed. The game is available and playable by downloading and printing the Prototype Document below.



Game Design Document:




Prototype Document (Download and Print to Play):



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