Stars War

Platform:  Perlenspiel (JavaScript)
Development Time:  1 Week
Date:  March 2014

Stars War is a toy designed for Game Design 2 at Full Sail University. This assignment tasked us with creating an original toy with Perlenspiel. The requirements for the project were strict. The toy could only facilitate play, not direct it. There could be no predefined win/lose condition. The user must be able to interact with the toy in a meaningful way of their choosing.

For this project I decided to create a star field where the user could click the stars and send them shooting across the sky. When a shooting-star bumped into another one, that star would disappear and the bumped star would shoot off in random direction. To add interest to the toy I decided to lower the alpha on the toy’s board as the stars winked out of existence. The more stars that are shot, the darker the toy gets. Finally I created a reset for it so the player could restart the toy at will.

Stars War is fully playable in Chrome or Firefox HERE!

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