Rook’s Rescue

Platform:  Perlenspiel (JavaScript)
Development Time:  1 Week
Date:  March 2014

Rook’s Rescue is a puzzle that was designed for Game Design 2 at Full Sail University. This puzzle assignment required that we create a puzzle game with 5 levels in Perlenspiel. The puzzle had to incorporate strategy, but the dominant strategy could not be simply guessing until the player got it right.

I created a puzzle with two elements. Keys were used to create an economy in the game. The player must use them wisely or they would find the end of the level unreachable. The second element included was portals. The player could move through a portal and be teleported to another portal in the level. These portals were color coded, and often times the player would have to move through the portals in a particular order to reach their desired destination. Each level was titled with a clue. The clues were intended to hint at solutions to the level while poking fun at the player.

Hangman is full playable in Chrome or Firefox HERE!

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