Final Project

Platform:  UDK (UnrealScript)
Development Time:  4 Months
Date:  October 2014
Additional Credits:  Joel Towart, Adam Sasso, Adam Williams, Peter Muir

The Final Project for the Bachelors of Science in Game Design degree program at Full Sail University is spread across the last four months of our senior year. In this time we pitched, designed, documented, prototyped, and developed The Depths of Space.  This project was a simulated 4 month crunch period.  Our team worked countless hours each week and scripted each element of the game.  The project consisted of over 140 scripts and well over 100,000 lines of code.

I was the Team Lead for this project.  My work included scripting the save/load system, the construction grid and grid snapping, many of the ship modules and enemy ships, the trace function that verified that all modules on the grid connected properly, the objective target actors, and the player ship which actually combined all of the ship modules into a single pawn.  I also assisted with scripting the mini-map and the enemy A.I.  I created the 3D models for all the ship modules (some of which are still being integrated into the game), the target objectives, and the mines.  I integrated all the sound effects and the music (created by Sean LaValle).  Additionally I created all of the particle effects for the game, sculpted and painted the terrain piece for the giant asteroid in chapter 2, helped to design the layout for each chapter, and assisted the team with any troublesome tasks that arose.

I received a Course Director’s Award for the Final Project 2 class, and this project played a large hand in me being selected for the Advanced Achievement Award for my graduating class.


The Depths of Space is downloadable HERE.


Game Pitch Presentation:

Game Design Document: Microsoft_Word_2013_icon pdf-icon




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