Vektor Controller Design

Development Time:  1 Week
Date:  March 2013
Additional Credits:  A.J. Stidham, Carlos Medellin, and Garrett Webb

The Vektor is a controller which was designed for the Usability course at Full Sail University. We were to design an innovative controller that could be used with current generation game consoles. This controller was designed by a team for which I was the editor. I helped design the controller, wrote, compiled, and edited our presentation document, and built and tested the actual prototype of the controller.

Our controller was designed to be modular. The main parts and features consisted of a multi-touch sensitive screen, two detachable handles that could be used independent of the controller body, movable rear facing buttons, a directional pad, two joysticks, triggers and bumpers, and a central control pod that could be used to join the handles in the place of the screen. Many of our design cues were taken from current controllers and we iterated upon them to add functionality and ease of use.



Controller Design Presentation:






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