Final Battle Project

Platform:  UDK (Cascade) / Photoshop
Development Time:  4 Weeks
Date:  May 2014

The Final Battle was a project designed and developed for the Aesthetics and Immersion course at Full Sail University. This project was completed over a month. In the first week we drew ourselves as a character from a video game. Genre and game type had to be evident from the drawing. I chose to create a medieval action-RPG character. The second week we created a HUD that would work with our character and their game. I decided to go with a traditional RPG HUD with cross-hairs for aiming timed shots. This HUD was required to have the necessary contrast and consideration to be seen and interpreted by any person with any level of color-blindness.

For the final two weeks, we were to design a particle effect that would be used as the character’s final move or spell against a boss in the game. In an effort to learn more about particle effects and Cascade than the information presented by the instructor, I made us of the 3DMotive videos on UDK Cascade. From them I learned about each module of Cascade and was able to create the particle effect for this project. Timing was everything. Each piece of the effect was carefully timed so that the effect would tell the story of a tempest being cast upon the enemy.

The skeleton, spell icons, and Mini-map images are not my work.


Copyright ©John Owen 2014