Platformer Prototype

Platform:  UDK (UnrealScript)
Development Time:  2 Weeks
Date:  January 2014

This prototype was designed and developed for the final project of Prototyping 1 at Full Sail University. The assignment was to make one level of a feature complete game. We had a check list of Unreal scripts that had to be created including a unique static mesh, a custom game type, a win/lose condition check, a form of mouse input, and many more requirements. This level was my first attempt building a 2.5D platformer and it allowed me to look at level design from a new and unique angle.

I tried to include several familiar mechanics of the genre. I include moving platforms, pickups, elevators, and pushers. There is also a very simple flame obstacle/puzzle to be solved within the level. I even included a way to reach the beginning of the level should you miss some of the score pickups. The user interface is completely custom for this project. I used a snippet to guide the creation of the timer and score bars, and included help instructions that are available at the push of a button. In all the level includes 17 custom Unreal scripts.

Copyright ©John Owen 2014