M.A.T.T. Prototype

Platform:  UDK (UnrealScript)
Development Time:  4 Weeks
Date:  February 2014
Additional Credits:  Adam Sasso, Andrew Montgomery, Carlos Medellin, Peter Muir

The M.A.T.T. prototype was developed for the Prototyping 2 course at Full Sail University. For this project I was placed on a team, and we were given the game design document from a past senior project. We were to take all of the main mechanics of the game and create a prototype that would fulfill the design document. This project was completed in two milestones spread across four weeks. We were to use UnrealScript, Kismet, and any other means necessary to complete a single level of the game showcasing all of the described mechanics and features.

In M.A.T.T. the player could switch between an old, middle-aged, and young avatar. Each age had specific abilities. The young character was small and could climb vines. The old character could not jump, but could float and walk over deadly obstacles. The middle-aged character could push objects and double jump. We also were tasked to include voice instructions, a working HUD, health and time machine part pickups, pressure plates, breakable floors, falling and sliding rocks, and a charger boss that was attracted to young and middle-aged characters.

For this project I was the team lead. I helped develop almost every aspect of the prototype, but my personal assignments were creating the custom game type, rewriting the jump function to work with our specific player controller, creating the side-scroller camera, and crafting both types of pickups in the level. I assisted in writing the player controller, the HUD, and creating the charger at the end of the level as well.

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