Loading, Please Wait…

Platform:  Perlenspiel (JavaScript)
Development Time:  5 Days
Lines of Code:  2500+
Date:  March 2014

I designed and developed Loading, Please Wait… as part of my Game Design 2 course at Full Sail University.  The game is a parody on the obnoxious loading screen/loading bar that every gamer is so very familiar with.  It pokes fun at both the process and the silly things we do while we wait.  The assignment for this project was to make a game within the limitations of Perlenspiel. Instructions had to be kept short and only displayed on the game board or on the Status bar.  We were told to focus on meaningful choices, aesthetics, the absence of a dominant strategy.  The game is fully playable in Firefox or Chrome by clicking HERE.

This game is featured on Spielmatrix.com, a site put together to show off the best of Full Sail’s Game Design 2 project submissions.  I also submitted this to OneGameAMonth.com where it received exceptional feedback.

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