Backwoods Hell

Platform:  UDK (Kismet)
Development Time:  2 Weeks
Date:  October 2013

This level was designed and developed for Level Design 1 at Full Sail University.  The assignment laid out a simple story of a man needing to find a collection of objects to exit the house, practice shooting a weapon on a makeshift firing range, find transportation, and escape through an enemy compound.  The house was built to scale from a floor plan for a large cottage.  It is completely constructed of BSP’s and includes both an interior, an exterior, working doors among other interact-able elements.  The level includes a Dukes of Hazzard style camera shot when the player jumps the ramp leading over the creek.  An explosion and collapse blocks off the tunnel leading to the enemy compound and forces the player to swim around.  Several enemy bots await the player at the enemy compound and a scripted boss fight was included for the finale of the level.

The level and buildings have full lighting that in places is toggle-able.  All collectable items have custom materials that glow when the player is within a short range of them.  I sculpted and hand painted the terrain for this level from scratch.  The water also has a post processing volume that blurs and tints the player’s vision.  All scripting for this level was done in Kismet.  This was the first complete level I designed in UDK.



Level Mockup Document:



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